Posted September 18th, 2023

Base Build Power Combo

  1. Squat Single Arm Thruster (Right) (second x Left)
  2. Single Arm Hinge Swing (Right) (second x Left)
  3. Hinge Swing Rack Press
  1. 1 1/2 push ups
  2. Push Ups + Single Side Row (Right) (second x Left)
  3. Hinge Row + Tap Back Tricep Extension
  1. Single Side Deadlift (Right) (second x Left)
  2. Two Count Roll Up (mods offered)
  3. Full Roll up to press and switch (Mods offered)
  1. Forward Lunge (Right) + Step side Squat (second x Left)
  2. Froward Lunge + Step squat with Bicep Curl
  3. Reverse Lunge + bicep curls + upright rows