Posted September 8th

Friday September 8th – Quick Workot
Tabata HIIT
Each circuit has two exercises – performed at 20 seconds on with 10 seconds rest – repeated 4 x for a total of 4 mins.
Tabata ONE:
Step Out Squats with Alternating Shoulder Presses
Jump Squats (modify to power squats)
Tabata TWO:
Single Side Deadlift (2 sets on the right, 2 sets on the left)
Plank Jacks (modify with step out the jacks from plank or use an incline – Intensify perform in low planks)
Tabata Three:
Alternating Reverse Rows
Weights Jacks
Tabata Four:
Deadlift to Thruster
Burpee Clean (modify to step outs to plank or start from low squats and tap back rather than planks)
Finisher: Perform all 4 cardio exercises at 20 seconds each with the 10 second break. Once only = 2 mins finisher.