Posted February 20th, 2024

For this particular workout – I used a Kettlebell. But I do show you how to use one DB. Since you’re using one DB for most of the workout – you know that heavy weight you’ve been looking at and thinking when to use it – now is the time!
You will be surprised how your core feels after this one!
Workout Summary:
  1. Figure 8 and Catch
  2. Swing + clean + Lunge (Right)
  3. Swing + Clean + Lunge (Left)
  4. Single DB Squat + Catch + Press
  5. Alternating Swings
  6. Chop Twist and Press (Right)
  7. Chop Twist and Press (Left)
  8. Squat Rockers
  9. Step in Knee Drives to Push Ups
  10. Deadlifts to Planks