Workout Summary
Today’s workout is a low impact strength cardio and recovery workout (SCR). Yes cardio – but low impact cardio �

4 Circuits with 3 exercises per circuit. 1 min strength, 1 min low impact cardio and 30 second recovery upper body exercise. Repeat each circuit twice. Perform each round with as little rest as possible. Take 30 – 60 seconds between circuits.

Circuit 1:
Rack Squats to Press
Squat + Knee Drives
Push Presses

Circuit 2:
Reverse Lunge with bicep curls
Front punch with tap backs
Single Side Bicep Curls (switch for second round)

Circuit 3:
Staggered deadlift to upright row – Right side (switch for second round )
Lateral fast feet
Dips + cleans

Circuit 4:
Lateral lunge to row
Skater taps
Single arm row (switch for second round)

Originally posted on July 25th as part of our Summer on the Go 2023 Series
Posted again on July 9th as part of our Love it Again 2024 Series