Workout Summary
This workout is a Circuit workout – each exercise is 45 seconds of active work followed by 15 seconds of rest. 3 circuits with 4 exercises each – performed 2x.

Circuit 1:
Upright row + row flip & Press
Step out (R) 2 pulses + Press
Burpee DB Pick up
T-pull in plank

Circuit 2:
Full bicep curls x 4 + Bent over row x 4
Curtsy curl + squat
3 Skaters + 1 jump
Double Double Leg drops

Circuit 3:
Push-up Straight Arm Tricep Extension
Walk through lunges (suitcase weights)
2 jumps plank jump ins + 2 Cleans
Scissor Kicks

Originally posted July 19th as part of our Summer on the Go 2023 series
Posted again July 8th as part of our Love it Again 2024 Series