Workout Summary
This workout is a fun HIIT (Cardio + Strength) Tabata workout.
Tabata we perform 2 exercises per circuit – each for 20 seconds each with a 10 second break. Repeat each 4 x for a 4 min circuit.

Workout tip: With a short active work time – try to push yourself a little bit – but remember form is always top priority. Go deeper into your squats and lunges, add extra weight or speed up the movement if your form is good.

Tabata 1:
Squat to knee drive + single arm press (switch after two rounds)
Jump lunges curl + press

Tabata 2:
Reverse lunge twist + punch (switch after two rounds)
High knees x 4 + 2 tap downs

Tabata 3:
Cross Planks
Pop up Presses

Tabata 4:
Bent over rows + tricep kick backs
Pop down presses

Tabata 5:
Forward hop & back bicep curls
Shuffle fwd high knees back

Originally posted July 7th as part of our Summer on the Go 2023 Series
Posted again on July 11th as part of our Love it Again 2024 series.