Revisit some of our Fav 30 min workouts – all summer long!

Workout Summary
This is a fun low impact Upper body + core workout – giving our legs a wee break �
Each circuit has 4 exercises. Each exercise is completed for 1 min, with 20 rest between each. Another No Repeats workout �

Circuit One
Alternating single side lat raises
Overhead triceps extensions
Step up curl + press
Alternating single side arnold presses

Circuit Two
Reverse Lunge, rack, switch knee press
Single deadlift + tap front + tap side (L)
Single deadlift + tap front + tap side (R)
Narrow Chest Press + Leg Drop

Circuit Three
Alternating Hinge Rows + Double Rows
Y Curls
Step Up Rows
2 Rows + 2 cleans + 2 Presses

Circuit Four
Pike to Spider Plank
Chop Left
Chop right

Originally Posted August 11th as part of the Summer on The Go 2023 series
Posted again July 5th as part of the Love it Again 2024 Series.