Posted April 1st, 2024

Base combo build

Circuit One – LOWER BODY

Single Arm Rack Squat Thrusters

Single Arm Hinge Swing

Single Arm Swing Squat + Thrusters

X 2 alternate side

Circuit Two – ARMS

1.5 push up

Single Arm Row + Push Up

Straight Arm Kick Back + Hinge rows

X 2

Circuit three – CORE

Single Side Dead bug

4 Count Sit Up

Full Sit up with Russian Twist Switch Press

X 2

Circuit 4 – FULL BODY

Forward Lunge + Step Out Squat

Forward Lunge Bicep Curls + Step Out Squat + Bicep Curls

Reverse Lunge Bicep Curls step to Upright Row

X 2


Single Arm Squat Press

Single Arm Hinge Swings

Single Arm Swing Squat + Thrusters

X 2