Posted April 5th, 2024

Strength + Tabata

Circuit One – Legs

Suitcase Squat with Calf Raise

Hinge Swing Reverse Lunges (R)

Single Leg Squats (R)


Pop down Squats / Heel Clicks

Travel Drop Lunges


Repeat circuit for the Left Side

Tabata repeat x 2

Circuit Two – Arms

2 Push Ups + 2 Should Press from Kneeling Bridge

3 Back Rows + 3 Hammer Curls

Tricep Crushers


Single Arm Row (R / L)

Jacks with Bicep Curls


Repeat circuit again

Repeat Tabata x 2

Circuit Three – Total Body

Deadlift + Curl + press

Single Leg Glute Bridge with DB Pull Over


Mountain Climbers

Lateral Hops with DB Pick ups

X 2

Repeat Circuit again

Repeat tabata x 1