Posted July 7th, 2023

This workout is a fun HIIT (Cardio + Strength) Tabata workout.

Tabata we perform 2 exercises per circuit – each for 20 seconds each with a 10 second break. Repeat each 4 x for a 4 min circuit. 

Workout tip: With a short active work time – try to push yourself a little bit – but remember form is always top priority. Go deeper into your squats and lunges, add extra weight or speed up the movement if your form is good.

Tabata 1:

  1. Squat to knee drive + single arm press (switch after two rounds)
  2. Jump lunges curl + press

Tabata 2:

  1. Reverse lunge twist + punch (switch after two rounds)
  2. High knees x 4 + 2 tap downs 

Tabata 3:

  1. Cross Planks
  2. Pop up Presses

Tabata 4: 

  1. Bent over rows + tricep kick backs
  2. Pop down presses

Tabata 5: 

  1. Forward hop & back bicep curls
  2. Shuffle fwd high knees back