Posted August 29th, 2023

August 29th

Our last new workout of the Summer On the Go! And we’re going TABATA style!

Tabata we perform 2 exercises per circuit – each for 20 seconds each with a 10 second break. Repeat each 4 x for a 4 min circuit. 

Workout tip: With a short active work time – try to push yourself a little bit – but remember form is always top priority. Go deeper into your squats and lunges, add extra weight or speed up the movement if your form is good. 

Lower Body Strength Tabata

  1. Squat to Alternate Thrusters
  2. Side Lunges to double shoulder press (alternate left and right)

Cardio Tabata 

  1. Pulse Squat to Jump Squat
  2. Pop Ups from Plank
  3. Weighted Jacks

Core Strength Tabata

  1. Glute Bridge to Tuck In
  2. Spider Plans

Cardio Tabata

  1. Pop ups from Plank
  2. Weighted Jacks
  3. Pulse Squat to Jump Squat

Upper Body Strength Tabata

  1. Hammer Curls + Side Raises
  2. Tricep Kick Backs

Cardio Tabata

  1. Weighted Jacks
  2. Pulse Squat to Jump Squat
  3. Pop up from Plank